Saturday, October 1, 2011

Upcoming Event: Refashion Yourself Inside and Out

Fall Boutique Open HouseRefashion Yourself – Inside and OutSaturday, October 8th 2011 from 10-2
at 9628 S Castle Ridge Circle, Highlands Ranch
Featuring Vintage Assemblage Jewelry by Heather Alexander Designs, Shaklee Skin Care and Nutrition, and Clothing and Accessories by Sassy Stuff Boutique
Join this one stop shopping event in your very own neighborhood.
Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be provided.
There will be door prizes and freebie give-aways throughout the day.
At 11:00 Jen Henninger will teach a free 30 minute workshop about organic and herbal based nutrition. Learn how to boost your energy, shed weight and feel and look a decade younger.
At noon Heather Alexander will teach a free 30 minute workshop about finding your personal style via vintage fashion. Learn about the new living green fashion movement and how to define yourself through authentic couture.
The Boutique is open all day between 10AM and 2PM.
This will be a fun and interactive day. Everyone will go home with freebie giveaways, new inspiration and a whole new style!
For More Info: Contact Heather Alexander at 603-781-4308 or,,

My Updated Bio

Football was never on the TV in the home I was raised in. In fact, my first attendance at a super bowl party was not until college. I was raised by passionate antique collectors. My parents ran estate sales, were appraisers and owned an auction house. By the age of ten I had been inside of more people’s home than most people visit in a lifetime. As a child, I was given the task of sifting and sorting through the long lost treasures of people from generations gone by. It was early on in my life that I became a collector of odds and ends; old photos, fancy buttons and beautiful, glittering costume jewelry. There was just something about those that ignited in me a feeling of creative inspiration. I knew those treasures would serve a purpose for me one day.
My mother has always known how to work hard and play hard! In the summers we would retreat to a small island off the coast of Downeast Maine. Mom adored the beach and needed her ocean fix like most people crave coffee in the morning. The best part about visiting the beach was being taught the tradition that had been passed down through generations in my mother’s family. I come from a long line of sea glass collectors. By the age of four I was always up at dawn begging for someone to take me down to the beach so that I could see what the tide had washed in. And thus, the vast collection of sea glass began.
As I grew up I continued my love for vintage oddities and beach combing. My collection grew and in the midst of its compilation art was born. I began with simple design work using recycled beads from old pieces of jewelry. I experimented with different ways to create using sea glass, driftwood and sea urchins. Over time, I began creating wire wrapped sea glass jewelry that I paired with bead jewelry and vintage assemblage creations. It became clear to me that no random object was too small or insignificant to become part of something beautiful.
In addition to creating, I enjoy sharing my treasures in the assemblage art and jewelry courses I teach. It is fun to see how a small object that may seem meaningless to most will resonate with one person and from there become part of something greater and personal.
It is my hope that others enjoy what I create and each of my pieces find the person they belong with. I am always happy to do custom design work. I love feedback of all kinds too. In order to contact me, feel free to email me at or call me at 603-781-4308. For class schedules, upcoming events and articles about the world of vintage couture and assemblage design you can visit

Friday, March 18, 2011

20% Off Sale CONTEST

I am having a 20% OFF SALE in my vintage shop on etsy. The sale will run from today, Friday, March 18th 2011 through Sunday. I have loads of antique rhinestones, cabochons, glass stones, cameos, vintage jewelry, vintage clothing, vintage decor and so much more.

The coupon code to enter at check out is: atticsale

If you are Blogger and you blog about my sale or share it on FB or Twitter, then please comment below and you will be entered into a free give away contest. There will be three winners and the prize will be the fantastic I promise!!!

Here is the link to my shop:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Trash To Treasures Valentines

Do we have to make all of our valentines from heart shaped pieces of paper? Well, I agree that they are sentimental and cute. But, how about taking a jaunt to your local thrift shop and rescuing a few small tins or boxes? Take them home and turn them into amazing one of a kind valentines. Then gather together old buttons, rhinestones, stickers, old cards, broken jewelry and glitter. Next use an adhesive to assemble them onto the tin or box. Once you are finished you can fill this treasured container with candies, a poem, a piece of jewelry or concert tickets.....the possibilities are endless when you get creative. The pictures above are of some tins that I embellished. I found some old Lucky Strikes Cigarrettes tins and some old, vintage valentines....and voila!
Happy Valentines Day! To see more of my work please visit my etsy shop at

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Granny Chic

There is nothing warmer and more comforting than the granny-chic style. Grany chic marries "something old" with "something new". It is wearing your brand new cocktail dress with the stunning rhinestone choker that your grandmother gave you. It is a modern kitchen counter decorated with 1950's tin canisters. It is moving into a fresh space and filling it with heritage. No two styles are alike for we each fashion our own.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Giving Vintage Jewels A New Life

I love vintage jewelry. There is nothing better than a mint condition, 1940's, signed rhinestone choker necklace. However, all to often we find pieces of jewelry that have not survived the test of time in tact...missing stones, broken clasps, greening, etc. Instead of shaking our heads sadly with a pitying sigh, we can view these imperfect baubles as treasures of opportunity. There is so much fashion and unique style potential lieing within these jewels. The motto is: RECYCLE, REPURPOSE, REUSE!!!!! The "living green" movement promotes this effort in so many facets of society, but vintage jewelry offers an artistic spin on the concept.

So, here are my creative ideas for rescuing damaged jewels. I encourage my readers to add their ideas to the list.

- almost every pair of earrings can be turned into a charm...charms can dress up bracelets, key chains, bookmarks, zipper pulls, assemblage necklaces and probable a dozen other creations

-clip on earrings can be reborn in snap clip embellishment or on fun cocktail up a dozen as party favors for New Years Eve

-Broken rhinestone necklaces or link bracelets can be adhered to barrettes to add a dash of unique bling to one's ensemble

- Jewels that are missing stones in their settings can be revived with the incorporation of new does not have to only has to compliment the look of the piece

Those are some of my thoughts on how to recue and cherish all vintage jewels.