Thursday, November 18, 2010

Giving Vintage Jewels A New Life

I love vintage jewelry. There is nothing better than a mint condition, 1940's, signed rhinestone choker necklace. However, all to often we find pieces of jewelry that have not survived the test of time in tact...missing stones, broken clasps, greening, etc. Instead of shaking our heads sadly with a pitying sigh, we can view these imperfect baubles as treasures of opportunity. There is so much fashion and unique style potential lieing within these jewels. The motto is: RECYCLE, REPURPOSE, REUSE!!!!! The "living green" movement promotes this effort in so many facets of society, but vintage jewelry offers an artistic spin on the concept.

So, here are my creative ideas for rescuing damaged jewels. I encourage my readers to add their ideas to the list.

- almost every pair of earrings can be turned into a charm...charms can dress up bracelets, key chains, bookmarks, zipper pulls, assemblage necklaces and probable a dozen other creations

-clip on earrings can be reborn in snap clip embellishment or on fun cocktail up a dozen as party favors for New Years Eve

-Broken rhinestone necklaces or link bracelets can be adhered to barrettes to add a dash of unique bling to one's ensemble

- Jewels that are missing stones in their settings can be revived with the incorporation of new does not have to only has to compliment the look of the piece

Those are some of my thoughts on how to recue and cherish all vintage jewels.