Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Assemblage Jewelry For Valentines Day

Top Five Reasons to Wear Assemblage Statement Necklaces:

1. Every design is unique....no two are alike.

2. Living Green.....the necklaces are made from the recycled components of cast off and forgotten jewelry.

3. Most of the components used are vintage...truelly timeless.

4. It is more than jewelry...it is art. You are wearing a miniature gallery complete with a theme and poetry.....how about that for a conversation starter?

5. Customize your personal style...much like the charm bracelet of the 1960's....these assembled statement necklaces are often custom made to match you and what you cherish.
Visit http://www.heatheralexander.etsy.com/ to see more designs


Stacey said...

Lovely idea for Valentine's day, I enjoy seeing old pieces getting a new life.

nomadcraftsetc said...

These are awesome! I love your top 5 reasons to wear them!

I especially love number 4.
They are more than jewelry-they are art! Totally true statement!
Thank you for sharing!